Friday, April 28, 2017

"Don't Eat Grass" and My Latest Trip to the Vet

I just got back from the Vet yesterday afternoon where I had a wad of really bad grass removed from my throat. I had to be anesthetized of course. 

Taking it easy after my ordeal
I see that camera

The day before afternoon I was lapping at something at the property line to our neighbor's house and when Daddy Frank investigated he saw the grass seed plumes with the barbed hairs. I kept lapping my lips and coughing more. 

Dad Frank called the vets office but it was closed. Dr. Gruda called back and said if I was still gagging and coughing in the morning to bring me in. I spent a terribly uncomfortable night, pacing and gagging and I vomited at least once. It was awful having something stuck in my throat. Needles (pun intended) to say I didn't get much sleep. Neither did my Daddies.

After the grass things has been removed I still was very uncomfortable - the vet said my tonsil area is quite inflamed, and Daddies to keep an eye on me. Sore throat. Hopefully they got it all and none made it's way deeper into my belly system. Daddy Frank is still worried...because that's what he does. 

In Connecticut I liked to eat grass in the Spring and Summer and Daddy would always yell at me "Don't eat grass," because he hated having to pull it out from my backside later...but the grass in Connecticut wasn't so bad. The only bad thing we had there was lyme disease and lots of ticks for sure...but it was always Daddy who got tick bites, not me, cuz I had tick stuff. 

Since moving to this desert I had to deal with tularemia, rattlesnake encounters, rattlesnake avoidance training and anti-venom vaccines, cactus thorns, and now grass! Yuk! This place is dangerous.

Daddy Googled "foxtail grass" or "squirrel tail grass" to learn more about the danger of that grass to dogs, especially. There are different kinds and some are growing around town. And the dangererous thing is not just eating it, cuz the barbed spikes can get into a dogs nose, paws, skin and mouth and work their way into the insides. 

Just be aware desert doggies. And watch out for rattlesnakes!

P.S. The other day....the lady across the street has an oxygen making machine that she was carrying...I wanted to say hi, but that thing sounded just like a I backed off big time. You never know. She put her machine back in the car, then I went right up to her to say hi. Safe than sorry.

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  1. Poor baby! What awful stuff to have growing around the house. Hope no complications follow.