Friday, April 28, 2017

"Don't Eat Grass" and My Latest Trip to the Vet

I just got back from the Vet yesterday afternoon where I had a wad of really bad grass removed from my throat. I had to be anesthetized of course. 

Taking it easy after my ordeal
I see that camera

The day before afternoon I was lapping at something at the property line to our neighbor's house and when Daddy Frank investigated he saw the grass seed plumes with the barbed hairs. I kept lapping my lips and coughing more. 

Dad Frank called the vets office but it was closed. Dr. Gruda called back and said if I was still gagging and coughing in the morning to bring me in. I spent a terribly uncomfortable night, pacing and gagging and I vomited at least once. It was awful having something stuck in my throat. Needles (pun intended) to say I didn't get much sleep. Neither did my Daddies.

After the grass things has been removed I still was very uncomfortable - the vet said my tonsil area is quite inflamed, and Daddies to keep an eye on me. Sore throat. Hopefully they got it all and none made it's way deeper into my belly system. Daddy Frank is still worried...because that's what he does. 

In Connecticut I liked to eat grass in the Spring and Summer and Daddy would always yell at me "Don't eat grass," because he hated having to pull it out from my backside later...but the grass in Connecticut wasn't so bad. The only bad thing we had there was lyme disease and lots of ticks for sure...but it was always Daddy who got tick bites, not me, cuz I had tick stuff. 

Since moving to this desert I had to deal with tularemia, rattlesnake encounters, rattlesnake avoidance training and anti-venom vaccines, cactus thorns, and now grass! Yuk! This place is dangerous.

Daddy Googled "foxtail grass" or "squirrel tail grass" to learn more about the danger of that grass to dogs, especially. There are different kinds and some are growing around town. And the dangererous thing is not just eating it, cuz the barbed spikes can get into a dogs nose, paws, skin and mouth and work their way into the insides. 

Just be aware desert doggies. And watch out for rattlesnakes!

P.S. The other day....the lady across the street has an oxygen making machine that she was carrying...I wanted to say hi, but that thing sounded just like a I backed off big time. You never know. She put her machine back in the car, then I went right up to her to say hi. Safe than sorry.

Friday, February 10, 2017

It's "Ben" So Long Since I Blogged!

Life here in New Mexico is so laid-back that I forget to blog. I go for a nice walk every morning either here or in Cochiti Lake along the desert trails or sometimes I get to go to Santa Fe and walk in Frank Ortiz dog park. I have made a lot of friends, including Zoe, Moki, Fergus, Roy, Daisy, Guinness, oh my I can't remember them all.

Sometimes it's just me and my dads walking and so I get bored. Then I have to find a stick or a rock to play with. I just can't help it. I see a rock that I like, and I have to have it. Sometimes they just don't cooperate. Anyhow, here's a little movie of me getting a rock to cooperate.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I went back to Connecticut to see my girlfriend Katija. We drove in the truck for four days. I didn't know where we were going, but we always go someplace fun, so I just sat back and chilled.

Me in the sunflowers. We were still in New Mexico. We had a long ways to go.

I had my first swim in Lake Erie. It was as big as the ocean, but not salty.

Finally we go to where we used to live. I can't figure out if that is near we we live now and we just drove way around the whole country and ended up at Katija's house. I think New Mexico is far from Katija, though because it would be silly to drive for four days to go somewhere close. Now that was a thought that hurts my doggie brain.

Katija and me played all our old games. We ran in the woods and wrastled and ran some more. We went into the pond. then we played stick. That is our most fun and romantic game.

The day after seeing Katija, we went to the water fall but it was not like it used to be. It was almost dried up.

Then we went to my most favorite place. P-Town! The beach with salty water!

Lots of people in town said "What a handsome dog" and  "What a good dog" whenever they saw me. Daddy said, "Don't let it go to your head."

The dunes are like the dessert but not exactly like back in New Mexico.

We always miss Pet Appreciation Week. I wonder why.

Lounging on the beach. Aah, heaven.

Heading home to New Mexico. Vacation is always too short. I will miss my Katija.

Friday, July 15, 2016

My Life in New Mexico or Splendor in the Grass

Life.....has been pretty boring lately.

Except for the time we saw a rattlesnake on our morning hike.

Daddy Frank was freaked out. I didn't even notice it but our friend Linda jumped, then Daddy jumped. It was kinda funny.

We went to the lake beach a few times and I just LOVE it.

I get to swim and fetch stick. That is my all time favorite thing to do at the lake or at the beach -- you know -- the one that is salty and has waves. Daddy says we are far far away from the salt beach. We used to go there every summer.

Now it is too hot here to get in a lot of running except early in the morning. Sometimes in the afternoon we go to the park. It is town hall. But there is grass and boy do I miss having grass in my back yard.

I go and play ball or stick and roll in the grass.

Daddy says I hardly ever get my picture taken without a stick in my mouth. I like sticks.

Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Been A Long Time

There just isn't too much to tell you. Life in the desert is a little boring. I don't have a girlfriend like I did in Connecticut. There are other doggies here, and they're my friends, but not like Katija. Anyhow, a good day is when I go to Santa Fe to the doggie park. Otherwise we hike the trail around home and I don't get to run off and explore cuz daddy is afraid I'll get into something or find a rattlesnake. He's a big worrier.

Here are some pictures of me: Anyone for stick ball?

This was at rattlesnake training class:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So Much To Tell You

I been busy and lazy. Going for my 2 mile walk every morning and riding up to Santa Fe to the dog park which is fine cuz I like it there and I play fetch stick with my Daddies.

We also been going to shopping and to the airport and to other boring places where I can't go for a walk.

But on Sunday we went somewhere where I hope we won't go again. There were lots of doggies there so I thought it was a dog park at first. But we dogs all were on leash and stood or sat next to our people and waited.

Then this big guy gave a speech. He said he was sorry but that he was going to hurt us, but just for a second and that it was much better than dying a horrible painful death. I'm not even sure what that means, "death" but is sounds scary.

So we all just waited in a big group to take turns walking across the field. When it was my turn, this guy put an orange collar on me and then said walk toward the big guy. So my daddies and me walked across the field.

I was sniffing like usual. Then the guy said for daddies to turn to the wind.

And then I heard something kind of like when Daddy scoops up my crunchy food and shakes it.

Then I saw it. A long slithery creature. It was wagging his tail and making that noise. People called it a snake.

That's a strange word I never heard. SNAKE. A RATTLESNAKE!

I didn't want to go too close. He was weird. But I was a little curious. I got a little closer and then ZAP, there was like a jolt of lightening going through me. All because of that horrible, long, slithery creature with the tail that makes noise. All because of that SNAKE!

Then we walked back across the field and they took the collar off and we waited with the rest of the doggies until every doggie walked across the field. I heard lot of yelps. I think all the doggies were getting zapped by that snake.

Then, one by one we all walked across the field again to the big man and then he told us again to turn. There was that nasty SNAKE! No way was I going to get close. No way was I going to get ZAPPED.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" I told my Daddies in no uncertain terms. "LET'S GO HOME!"

So that was my excitement this weekend.

I'd much rather stick to two mile walks and going to the dog park and even boring rides to the shopping and airport.
Me waiting for my friends to go for
our 2 mile walk in the morning.
Here they come in their cars.

Monday, February 15, 2016

So I'm Getting To Like It In New Mexico

Almost everyday I go walking and running with my new friends. There's Puck and Roo, Daisy, and a whole bunch of other doggies. Here I am at the road side waiting for them to show up. Me and Daddy Frank got there early, so I had to wait.

Here they come!
We all go running for an hour or so and we go under the barbara wire fence and look for bunny rabbits. They says there is coyotes out there too, but I never see one. I got yelled at for going off where daddy couldn't see me.

It is fun. I wish my girlfriend Katija form Connecticut was here too. She would like it and we could go run together.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Lot Happened Since I Made A Blog Last Time

 It's been months since I made a blog. Daddy just won't share the computer for a minute.

So what happened since last time?

For a couple months Daddies made all the stuff in the house disappear. It made me nervous. The tables were gone, the furniture were gone, the dishes were gone, the clothes were gone, there was just my couch and the TV and my bed and Daddies bed left. I was getting worried. What was going on?
They put everything in boxes and it went down in  the cellar.

Then there was a lot of angry words about some real state, but I don't know what state. Then the back yard got all dug up and the men took out a big tank. Then there was a lot more yelling and screaming about how Daddies were getting screwed by this and bleeding money, but I didn't see any mony blood cuz they must have put a bandaid on it.

Anyhow, then there was a big trailer in the driveway. Then there was a lot of people come to visit.
Daddies said I had to say goodbye to my street. What does that mean?
Then all the boxes went into the trailer. Then we all got in the truck. Then we drove and drove and drove some more and stayed in a hotel and drove and hotel and drove and hotel.
I snoozed a lot.
So what happened since last time I made a blog? I MOVED! Me and my Daddies MOVED! Not just move like go from the floor to the couch, but MOVED like to a new house moved.

I moved from my house in Bristol Connet-cut to a new house in New Mexico.

As they say here , New Mexico is not Mexico and it is not New, but it is still New Mexico. I don't get it, but it is a cool place.
For a while I was really homesick and a little nervous. I didn't know where we was. I didn't know where to go poop cuz there was no woods in the back yard and  there is a fence all around. So I went way down in the corner in the back yard. There was no grass and there was this bush that pinched me when I went to pee on it.
But the good thing was there is a doggie park. The same one I been to before. Last time that it was cold, they say a year ago was when I was there. The other good thing is there is lots of hiking and walking and running here. But I miss my girlfriend Katija.
And I have to look out for coyotes. There are rabbits out there too, and I like to chase them. Daddies yell at me."Don't chase rabbits, you are going to get yourself into trouble!"
I do like my new house though, it's cool.
There is a gate and it is like a cage. They calls it a courtyard or portel or something.
The gate opens and I go out to the front yard.
Sometimes there is snow in the yard, but then it goes away. I like snow. I always look good on a white background, don't you think.
In December I found this tree all decked out for the holidays out along the hiking trail. Cool.
This is my living room. And there is a love seat in the living room. Let me tell you about it. 
When we left the old house we left my couch there. I didn't have a comfortable spot in the living room for weeks. Daddy Leon put my bedspread on the floor, the one that used to cover my couch in the old house. Daddies thought that just because it was my old bedspread, I would be happy laying there in the living room with them.
But I hated it. I would just go lay in my bed in the bedroom when I got tired of the bedspread on the floor, which was usually right away.
Then Daddies went to the store to buy a little couch to fit in the spot near the fireplace. But they didn't put my bedspread on it. So I didn't go lay down on the new couch. I looked at it. I thought about it. I wanted it. But Daddy Leon wouldn't put the bedspread on it. So I went to the bedroom and laid on my bed every time they sat and watched TV.

Then Daddy Leon put my bedspread into the wash machine and dryer. But I heard him say it was still damp. He put it on the new couch. I think he wanted it to dry out better.

But hey, The Bedspread is nine tenths of the law I think. So when Daddies weren't paying attention cuz they were watching TV, I nonchalantly went over to the new couch that had My Bedspread on it and put my chin on it. Oh, it felt good.

Then I put one paw on it. The I hopped on the new little couch, turned around three times and plopped myself down. Ahhh, Home Sweet Home! Now everything is how it should be. I have a new couch and an old bedspread and I am content. Now I can stay in my living room with Daddies while they watch TV.
I spend time out on my deck too. I know they're out there.
Hiking is lots of fun. Here I am with Daddy Leon. We went for a truck hike.
You can't be too careful. You have to always be on the lookout...for bunnies. The coyotes are out there somewhere too.

Snow bunnies here, maybe?
Here I am with Daddy Frank. It looks like he has a treat, but I think it's a rock I'm interested in. If he throws it I'll fetch it.
Of course sticks are still my favorite thing to collect when out hiking. They make me think about the old doggie park in Bristol and about my girlfriend Katija. I wonder if we'll see each other again. I love you Katija, Your BFF, Benni.