Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Some of My Compatriots

We are a smart bunch.

Yesterday I helped myself to some dog biscuits that Daddy left on the table....but that's another story.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Free Range Dog With Chickens

Went camping with my Dads. Rest and Relaxation and a little hiking.
Lounging at Camp
Hiking at Camp

Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Worst Day Ever

A dog's life here in Cochiti Lake is mostly boring.

Well, if not boring, then pretty routine.

We get up, I go out and look over my domain, have breakfast and then lounge for an hour before going for a long walk with my friends, Daisy, Sky, Guinness, and Roy.
Looking Over My Domain
We run all over the place and have a good time sniffing. I usually find a nice mouth-size rock to carry, and well, it's no small mouth or rock.

Then I pretty much lounge until we go to get the mail. That's when we play ball in the town green. (You can see that video in a previous post.)

Sometimes we go shopping or the dog park or to do other things. I usually almost always go with my daddies where ever they go. Only sometimes I have to stay home alone for a little while. Luckily, I have a doggie door, so I can go out when I need to....

But yesterday was terrible. Daddies went to Albeturky for the eye doctor and were gone for four hours. Which is OK. I've been alone guarding the house for longer. When they got home, I was happy. Then daddy Leon had to go to work for an hour on his day off and daddy Frank took me for a walk in the arroyo.

When daddy Leon got back, they said "OK, let's get going."

I was ready. I'm always ready.

But they said, "No, Benni, you've got to stay home."

No way, I was thinking, no way.

Daddy Frank put some food in my bowl, and, before I knew it, they were gone, Again.

Well, they were gone for HOURS. I thought they would never come home. It was dark, except for a light in the living room. They didn't even leave the TV on, like they usually do. So I was bored.

I started snooping around. There was this Christmas bag near the front door. I sniffed. A stuffed toy. A white fluffy dog, like my friend Wilson who lives up the street, but who I haven't seen for a month or more. I think the Christmas bag was for Wilson, but he never took it, so it must be for me.

I sniffed some more. Oh, a box that doesn't smell like anything. Oh, a plastic bag that smells like my favorite crackers. Hmmm.

Well, temptation won out.

When daddies got home after SEVEN hours, boy was I excited to see them. My tail was wagging me and I squealed like a pig.

Then daddies saw the evidence. Christmas bag on the floor, plastic bag torn up. No crackers. Fuzzy dog toy on the floor. Too bad I wasn't more careful and didn't put everything back where it was.

"Benni, what's this?" Daddy Frank asked, as if he didn't know. "Leon, come look what our boy did while we were gone."

"That bag has been sitting there since Christmas and he's never touched it when we've been gone. That's not like him."

"Well, he's not getting any bedtime biscuits tonight."

Daddies were not happy, but they didn't scold me too much. We went to bed. I did not get my bedtime crackers.

In the morning I hopped on daddies' bed and got some lovin' and made sorry face.

I tried to explain. "What if you guys didn't come back for a long time. Or never came back. I was already starving. I had to keep up my strength, you know."

I think they understood. They laughed and scratched under my neck and scruffed my head and ears. That's love.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Santa's Elves - Dogs and Cats with Human Hands Making Toys - Freshpet

I love this! Merry Christmas to all my friends...doggies and peoples.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Day In The Life Of A Weimador

So, after my one hour morning walk, I pretty much lounge all day except when I get up to bark. I have to bark whenever another doggie walks his person down the street. Or when UPSguy is around. Or sometimes just because I like to.

Later, when Daddy Frank goes to get the mail at the mail room, I get excited because either we walk there OR, if we drive there even better. Because I keep my special tough rubber balls in the car. Then we go to the town green and play catch.

When the grass is good and green I like to roll in it.

Otherwise we just play catch...Daddy throws, I catch. When Daddy gets ready to throw the other ball, he says "drop" and I drop the ball I caught and go for ball number two. We do this for a while.

When I get tired, I get both balls in my mouth and head for the car.

When I'm done, I'm done.


Back home I wait for Daddy Leon to get home from work.

Some dog peed on this tire.
I bet it was Cash, the German Shepherd across the street.
If someone is snacking in the living room I zero in and give my best sad puppy face...until I get a bite. It almost always works!

I have a good life. 
Maybe Daddy Leon will light a fire in the fireplace tonight.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

California Dreamin' Or How I Got To The Doggie Beach

Here are some pictures of me and my daddies on vacation.

But mostly pictures of me.

We went to California to the beach. I love the beach. I love to swim. And I would love to retrieve sticks from way out in the water and then swim back with the waves.

It was a very long drive to California. When we used to live in Connecticut didn't take that long to get to the beach. We got there the same day. But this time it took us lots of days.

We had to stop with the camper and stay overnight in different places. One day we went to see some big logs that were turned into stone.

I was looking for some sticks that were turned into stone. But daddy said even if I found a stick that was turned into stone and he threw it in the water it would sink. So that would not be any fun at all.
There's Got To Be A Petrified Stick Here Somewhere

Then we drove to some Colorado River to camp for the night. That was fun because I got to swim the river and I had to swim hard to get back to the shore. But the sticks there were lousy. 
Colorado River
The next morning we left there and kept on driving.

Anyhows, the first thing we did after we set up camp in California was to go to the doggie beach.

Oh my Dawg! Was I excited! As soon as we drove down the street to where the beach was I saw the water.

Oh my Dawg! Oh my Dawg! I was squealing and could not wait to get out of the truck.

Daddies took for ever to get all their stuff and let me out. Then we walked down to the beach and I was on a leash. I was jumping and squealing and finally got unhooked and set free on the beach.

I was squealing and jumping and running around in circles looking back at my daddies to make sure that they were coming with me down to the water.

Daddy Frank found a stick and said it was because I was a lucky dog. It was the only stick on the whole entire beach. He threw it into the water and I went swimming after it so that I can bring it back and do it again and again and again.

I could fetch sticks from the water all day long.

A Roll In The Sand Is Icing On The Cake

We went to a couple of other beaches that we're not dog beaches. I had fun there too, but I like the doggie beach best.

At one of the other beaches the park ranger came and yelled at daddies to put me on a leash.

After that it was no fun. So I just lay down under the truck in the shade and took a nap. We didn't go back to the beach again.

A Seal Was Dead. It Was Sad.
Before We Got Yelled At

And I liked hiking up the big sand dunes near where we were camping in the trailer.

Other doggies liked the sand dunes too.

California Squirrels Are Small But Curious
We did shopping in California. Which is where you walk up and down the streets and my daddies go inside of shops but don't buy anything.

In P-town they do that but there are lots more doggies in P-town and while I'm waiting outside people come up to me and say how handsome I am. California was a little bit boring. Except for the doggie beach.

I knew it was the last day at the beach when my daddies started packing up and putting everything away. Then we got into the truck and we drove a long time.

It was pretty boring except for Lake Havasu where I got to swim. And take rocks out of the lake.

We parked our camper right next to the water. It was very hot there. My daddies did not like the noisy motor boats that were speeding around the lake until 2 o'clock in the morning. So then we got the truck and drove some more for a long time.

We did some camping at some ghost town where I got to walk around and go shopping. There were no ghosts there but there were a lot of souvenir shops. There was a gourmet doggie bakery. But we didn't buy anything. It was pretty boring. Then we got in the truck and drove some more.

When we got home I was happy. But I was also sad.

Because at home I go for a walk in the morning and then we just hang around the house all day long usually. Sometimes we do something fun later. Sometimes we play ball down at the town green. Sometimes we go down to the lake but not so much. And there are no waves at the lake.

We had so much fun at the beach.

Anyhows that's how I spent my summer vacation.

Friday, April 28, 2017

"Don't Eat Grass" and My Latest Trip to the Vet

I just got back from the Vet yesterday afternoon where I had a wad of really bad grass removed from my throat. I had to be anesthetized of course. 

Taking it easy after my ordeal
I see that camera

The day before afternoon I was lapping at something at the property line to our neighbor's house and when Daddy Frank investigated he saw the grass seed plumes with the barbed hairs. I kept lapping my lips and coughing more. 

Dad Frank called the vets office but it was closed. Dr. Gruda called back and said if I was still gagging and coughing in the morning to bring me in. I spent a terribly uncomfortable night, pacing and gagging and I vomited at least once. It was awful having something stuck in my throat. Needles (pun intended) to say I didn't get much sleep. Neither did my Daddies.

After the grass things has been removed I still was very uncomfortable - the vet said my tonsil area is quite inflamed, and Daddies to keep an eye on me. Sore throat. Hopefully they got it all and none made it's way deeper into my belly system. Daddy Frank is still worried...because that's what he does. 

In Connecticut I liked to eat grass in the Spring and Summer and Daddy would always yell at me "Don't eat grass," because he hated having to pull it out from my backside later...but the grass in Connecticut wasn't so bad. The only bad thing we had there was lyme disease and lots of ticks for sure...but it was always Daddy who got tick bites, not me, cuz I had tick stuff. 

Since moving to this desert I had to deal with tularemia, rattlesnake encounters, rattlesnake avoidance training and anti-venom vaccines, cactus thorns, and now grass! Yuk! This place is dangerous.

Daddy Googled "foxtail grass" or "squirrel tail grass" to learn more about the danger of that grass to dogs, especially. There are different kinds and some are growing around town. And the dangererous thing is not just eating it, cuz the barbed spikes can get into a dogs nose, paws, skin and mouth and work their way into the insides. 

Just be aware desert doggies. And watch out for rattlesnakes!

P.S. The other day....the lady across the street has an oxygen making machine that she was carrying...I wanted to say hi, but that thing sounded just like a rattlesnake...so I backed off big time. You never know. She put her machine back in the car, then I went right up to her to say hi. Safe than sorry.

Friday, February 10, 2017

It's "Ben" So Long Since I Blogged!

Life here in New Mexico is so laid-back that I forget to blog. I go for a nice walk every morning either here or in Cochiti Lake along the desert trails or sometimes I get to go to Santa Fe and walk in Frank Ortiz dog park. I have made a lot of friends, including Zoe, Moki, Fergus, Roy, Daisy, Guinness, oh my I can't remember them all.

Sometimes it's just me and my dads walking and so I get bored. Then I have to find a stick or a rock to play with. I just can't help it. I see a rock that I like, and I have to have it. Sometimes they just don't cooperate. Anyhow, here's a little movie of me getting a rock to cooperate.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I went back to Connecticut to see my girlfriend Katija. We drove in the truck for four days. I didn't know where we were going, but we always go someplace fun, so I just sat back and chilled.

Me in the sunflowers. We were still in New Mexico. We had a long ways to go.

I had my first swim in Lake Erie. It was as big as the ocean, but not salty.

Finally we go to where we used to live. I can't figure out if that is near we we live now and we just drove way around the whole country and ended up at Katija's house. I think New Mexico is far from Katija, though because it would be silly to drive for four days to go somewhere close. Now that was a thought that hurts my doggie brain.

Katija and me played all our old games. We ran in the woods and wrastled and ran some more. We went into the pond. then we played stick. That is our most fun and romantic game.

The day after seeing Katija, we went to the water fall but it was not like it used to be. It was almost dried up.

Then we went to my most favorite place. P-Town! The beach with salty water!

Lots of people in town said "What a handsome dog" and  "What a good dog" whenever they saw me. Daddy said, "Don't let it go to your head."

The dunes are like the dessert but not exactly like back in New Mexico.

We always miss Pet Appreciation Week. I wonder why.

Lounging on the beach. Aah, heaven.

Heading home to New Mexico. Vacation is always too short. I will miss my Katija.